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More than just interior designers, we believe in creating spaces that delight all of your senses and elevate your life in subtle, harmonious ways. With a eye for colors, a passion for aesthetics, and an uncanny knack for organization, we strive to balance form, function, and originality.

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Austin and Stefanie

Austin Hong and Stefanie Navarra bring together a unique blend of very distinctive, yet complementary artistry. Individually, their styles run the gamut and allow them to achieve dramatically different results. Together, the partnership creates a synergy that helps them successfully tackle a wide spectrum of projects, many of which have been featured in San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyle magazine.

Stefanie has been in the design industry for over ten years. Born into a family of architects and artists, Stefanie always knew she was destined to be a designer. She has been immersed in home design and creativity since childhood, which helped to cultivate her passion for the art of interior design. She is no stranger to transforming high-end homes or styling commercials or photo shoots. Having had experience as a buyer for a major furniture retailer, she has established many connections in the furniture, accessories, architecture, and contracting community and is able to pull these resources together to effectively execute her designs and deliver the most beautifully customized creations for her clients.

Austin’s body of work ranges from homes in the Hamptons to condos in downtown San Diego. Whatever the style, Austin prides himself in highlighting the client’s unique taste while still adding his personal signature to the space. He believes that the key to a successful design is consistency and harmony, regardless of the genre, era, or theme. Thus, his unmistakable touch is not indicative of a specific set of colors, patterns, or cultural influences, but rather the manner in which these elements all interact and symphonize with one another. A space can evoke many emotions and Austin never loses sight of this while making a home a sanctuary to the owner or ensuring a restaurant is welcoming to all guests, whether it means creating comfortably bold compositions, satisfyingly joyful color palettes, or even incorporating elements of Feng Shui.

Recent projects

Whether your inspiration is contemporary, traditional, eclectic, coastal, rustic, or transitional, our passion for creating charmingly alluring and wonderfully enduring interiors will help customize your space to reflect your personal style.

Let the interior design experts of San Diego give your place a refreshing, beautiful, and thoughtful new look that balances form and function. Our goal is to make your space a sanctuary that welcomes you and your guests with open arms.



Cool, creative closet organization using pipes

1 Monday, 2014

These handy DYI-ers hated their wire shelving and found a brilliant way to not only make better use of the space but also add some character to their closet. Here’s what it looked like before: And here it is with clothes: This is what went into the careful planning: And…

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Kettner Exchange: San Diego’s shiny new dining destination

22 Saturday, 2014

This new hotspot in San Diego’s Little Italy is beautifully decorated and spared no expenses, featuring a mix of classic, industrial, and nautical themes. Named after William Kettner, who played an important role in the expansion of the San Diego Harbor in the early 1900s, this appropriately themed restaurant features two…

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Amazing use of 86 sq ft in Paris

12 Wednesday, 2014

This tiny apartment in Paris is smaller than most cruise ship cabins but has managed to make the best of its space. Most bedrooms in the US are bigger than this, so it’s fascinating to see how these designers were able to make an entire living space out of it….

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